About the Community

Full Moon setting over the community of Baker City
A Christmas Morning Full Moon Setting Over Baker City, Oregon.

The machine shop is located in Baker City, Oregon, a community of about 10,000. Established in 1874, Baker City played an important role in the history of the region. It offers a rural lifestyle yet is only a 2 hour drive from Boise, Idaho, a perfect balance between accessibility to services and a premier outdoor lifestyle.

After all these years, Baker City still remains a hub of diverse businesses such as agriculture, logging, and mining. Many who live here are rugged and independent souls, many owning their own businesses.

If you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, Baker City pretty much has it all. Nestled between the Elkhorn’s to the west and the Wallowa Mountains to the northeast, Baker Valley is close to camping, backpacking, hunting and fishing.

Winter Activities

The community feeling extends to Anthony Lakes
Snow Blast Fireworks at Anthony Lakes

Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort, located only 45 minutes away, offers skiing, snowshoeing and a large network of cross-country ski trails. It is also an important point of access for the miles and miles of snowmobile trails. During the summer months, it offers camping and hiking  and mountain bike trails, plus high mountain fishing.

Summer Activities

Summer at Anthony Lakes
Boating, Fishing and Camping are Favorite Pastimes at Anthony Lakes.

The east side of Baker County runs along the Snake River and Hells Canyon, one of the deepest gorges in the US. The Snake River is known for it’s fishing and boating opportunities. The Snake River below Hells Canyon Dam is one of America’s Wild and Scenic Rivers which offers white water rating and jet boat tours. In fact, eastern Oregon has quite a few wild & scenic rivers and all offering beautiful scenery.

Baker County has a rich historic past. The community was first discovered as a stopping point along the Oregon Trail. Many of the weary travelers opted to make their homes in this beautiful little valley. Baker City settlers focused on homesteading and ranching while other pursued their fortunes in gold mining or logging.

Our Historic Past

Historic Sumpter Valley Railroad
A Crisp Fall Day Aboard the Sumpter Valley Historic Railroad

Baker City’s historic past is still evident in the character of the community. The Sumpter Valley Railroad was a logging railroad in it’s early days, moving timber from Sumpter to the mills in Baker City. Because of it’s important role in the past, volunteers have spent countless hours restoring the old railroad to it’s previous glory. As a result, it’s a very popular tourist attraction now offering rides and historic stories from the past.

Sumpter Valley Dredge
The Sumpter Valley Dredge has been restored and is open for tours. It is a nod to the gold rush days in Eastern Oregon.

Sumpter, Oregon, only 30 miles from Baker City, is home to the Historic Sumpter Valley Dredge. Sumpter has it’s own unique colorful history as one of the living ghost towns in northeast Oregon.

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