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Machine Shop Business Information

The machine shop was established in 1986. As a result, it has a long history serving a diversified group of local businesses including agriculture, manufacturing, mining, construction and logging. Typically, the nature of the jobs have been repairs for large machines such as farm equipment or heavy machinery.  Another common job is to build or repair large hydraulic cylinders.

Additionally, the machine shop often plays an important role in the repair of production line machinery at local manufacturing plants. The type of jobs varies on a daily basis keeping the work interesting. Each day brings a new project and a new challenge.

Machine Shop Services Currently Offered:

Full Machine Shop – Lathe & Milling
Welding – Wire Feed & Arc Welding
Hydraulic Cylinders – Repair & Rebuild
Steel Sales – Shafts & Tubing
Rebuild Truck Drivelines & PTO’s

These services are plenty to keep an owner/operator busy year round however there is plenty of room for business expansion into new regions or by offering new areas of service.

New Growth Opportunities:

Automotive Machining
Expanded Inventory Sales
Mobile Repair Services
Specialized Welding

In order to facilitate in the sale, the owner is willing to negotiate a period of time in which the owner stays on and helps with the transition, both in developing relationships with customers and getting to know the work flow. In addition, the owner is willing to carry all or a part of the contract for those who are well qualified. There may also be potential funding available through the Baker County Economic Development Department.

To Learn more see: Machines & Equipment. Or if you prefer, you may reach out to Dan directly via  email. He will be happy to answer your questions or provide more information.