Machines and Equipment

Machines and Equipment

The machine shop is well-equipped with a full compliment of machines and equipment necessary to complete machine shop jobs.


There are two lathes, a Summit Gap Lathe & a Nardini 1585E Lathe. The Summit Lathe has a 4″ Spindle and comes with a complete tooling set, including extra chucks, lathe bits up to 3″ and adjustable reamers.

The Nardini Lathe also comes with extra chucks and small to large boring bars and lots of tooling.

Nardini 1585E Machinist Lathe
Nardini 1585E Lathe


Milling Machines

Two milling machines are included in the sale, a Super Max and a Sharpe Milling Machine.

The Super Max has an electronic digital readout with an air chuck and power servos. It has a complete set of tooling including end mills, collets and taps, plus more.

The Sharpe Milling Machines has a digital Readout, are chucks and a power servo. It also comes with a turntable and a dividing head and a large assortment of tooling.

Super Max Milling Machine with Digital Readout with Air Chuck and Servos
Super Max Milling Machine with Digital Readout with Air Chuck and Servos

Cutting & Welding Equipment

There are 2 welders and 1 large plasma cutterincluded in the sale, a Lincoln Arc Welder, a Lincoln Wire Feed Welder with lots of guns, including stainless and a Hypotherm Plasma Cutter that cuts up to 1 ½”.

Also included in the sale is a very nice custom made steel welding table. The table has a large 4′ x 8′ work space with air and power connections built in underneath the work surface. In addition, it has 2 vices and an anvil attached solidly to the top.

Lincoln Welders
Lincoln Welders
Custom Built Work Table
Work Table with Power Tools

Odds & Ends Galore

There is way to much to provide a thorough list here therefore we are focusing on the highlights.

14′ Swing Boom with a broad reach over many of the work stations
Kalamazoo Band Saw
Cat Fork Lift
60 Ton Press
Large Capacity Air Compressor
Hand Tools & Tool Boxes
Assorted Power Tools

Because all these items will be included with the sale, none of the tools are for sale separately. Therefore, please do not ask.

Learn more about the Property and Building Or if you prefer, you may reach out to Dan directly via  email. He will be happy to answer your questions or provide more information.